Mobile App Penetration Testing – Test Deeper, Test Wider!

When you request for your mobile apps to be pentested by Appknox (A Gartner recognized company), you chose to be tested by the best. Go where no hacker has gone, get insights which no hacker has got. Secure your apps from the inside out. Boast about impenetrable security for your mobile apps.

Why Appknox?

Within minutes your mobile app goes through a series of commonly exploited and critical test cases that generates a report on your app’s security parameters with actionable insights on how to fix them.

Use Speed For a Competitive Advantage

 When you test with Appknox, you reduce testing cycles by 75% without any compromise to quality.

Manual + Tech

Gives you the added advantage of human intelligence with technology to accelerate your testing and ensure that you are secure in every corner.

Increase ROI

Faster testing cycles results in lower team effort, which means they test more apps in shorter time frames and release them faster into the market.

Supporting These Happy Teams

Appknox Approach To Mobile App Security Testing

Our integrated mobile app security testing solution tests your app through three detailed security assessments via one simple dashboard

Static Application Security Testing

 A fully automated scan designed to analyze application binaries for issues in code and design configurations that can lead to security vulnerabilities.

Dynamic Application Security Testing

Your team interacts with your application installed on our cloud hosted devices while we diagnose leakages using proprietary data flow algorithms for an automated real-time testing.

Application Program Interface Testing

 Take security up a notch with total control. Our automated API security testing helps you secure all components including data and logic from the server that interacts with your mobile app.

Manual Testing

Nothing can outdo human creativity, and so we deploy our industry renowned ethical hackers to perform a deeper manual assessment to catch the hidden bugs and to ensure you and your business are secured from hacks.

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I like the detailed analysis along with code snippet that potentially leads to a problem. The turnaround time from app submission to report generation is quick which helps us to identify problem in our product and enables us to address it quickly.

Dwi Sasongko Supriyadi


Appknox helped us scan our app thoroughly. They also tagged a security researcher who helped us understand all our issues, clarify our doubts and suggested appropriate solutions to fix them. Neeraj Kumar

Drona HQ

The Appknox team has a deep understanding of security standards in mobile platforms. They are efficient and responsive in addressing security problems we have. They helped us find some interesting security loopholes & also helped us to fix. Viet Nguyen Tuan


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